Friday, February 11, 2011

Scom 2007 monitors types

Monitor types:

Ø      Unit: monitors a specific item, such as single event or performance counter. These can be used as a basis for roll up monitors.
Ø      Aggregate rollup: monitors a group of monitors with the rollup state being either best or worst of reflection.
Ø      Dependency rolls up: a roll up of other monitors on which the parent monitor is dependent. Example, AD is dependent on DNS , you could alert that AD is having a problem is DNS is not available.
Ø      Static threshold: monitors that watch for specific values and compare the result to predefined values
Ø      Self tuning thresh hold: A mini – AI that watches performance counters in an effort to glean what a normal value should be. Thresh holds are created based on ascertained normal values.

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