Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Windows 2003 Server Permission

What are permissions in windows server?

Permissions define the type of access granted to a user, computer or group to access a resource. Permissions can be applied to resources such as files, folders and printers. Example: privilege to read a file, delete a file or to create a new file in folder

Types of Permission

Security level permissions Share level permissions

Security Level Permissions

Can be implemented only on NTFS Partitions Security or NTFS permissions can be set on drivers, folders and files

By default, the security permissions will be inherited from its parents drive or folder

File permissions override folder permissions Creator of files and folders are their owners

Different security permissions are:

full control modify read and execute write read list folder contents

Share Level Persmissions

Can be implemented on NTFS and FAT portions.
It can be set on drivers and shared folders and not files.

What are shared folders? 

Shared folders can be accessed from network when you copy or move a shared folder, the shared folder will no longer be shared

To hide a shared folder include $ after the name of the shared folder & user access hidden shared folder by typing the UNC path

Different share permissions are:

Read, contribute, Co owner

Thursday, June 16, 2011

GeeMail, whats this?

You know some times we loss access to internet, and you need to access your mails in gmail. You need to check a mail urgently. This is where GeeMail comes handy, this is a Desktop client for Gmail, its a free download. once you install this you can access your gmail mail account offline. this would be great, right? yes you can have access to all the mail when there no broadband connection. its just a browser, which requires no configuration.
you can download this from the link below:

Use of UPN Suffix in windows 2003?

Suppose you have a company domain as, as users when they log in they many feel the domain name is too long, so we as administrator can set up Alternative UPN 
(user principle name), upn-suffix which is set:

We need to go to AD domains and trusts àright click on AD domains and trusts node-àproperties -à and add UPN suffix as, so now users can log with this also.

Now you need to go to each users or select all bunch of users, go to there properties àaccounts tab and select UPN suffix and select

Define UPN SUFFIX in windows 2003?

Upn suffix(user principle name): can just be used by admins for users to log on easily or it can also be a DNS domain name.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smart card in windows 2003?

Users will be provided smart cards and a smart card reader will be attached to computer, users insert smart cards and login to the domain. For users using smart-cards to login the “Password never expires” option will be enabled automatically.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Define Isa firewall ?

Isa firewall is a statefull packet inspection firewall
Isa will integrate with AD and allows users to authenticate and authorizes them to view sites, ISA server is not only a firewall but also a web caching server and VPN server
Stateful packet inspection means that the firewall will see the TCP conversation

Private IP address –——