Sunday, February 6, 2011

Management pack components

Object discovery: management packs contains items necessary to discover managed objects. Discovery can be accomplished with registry , WMI, scripting, OLE DB, LDAP or custom code. If too much is discovered use override to limit the object discovery,

Monitors: which determine health information and make sure items are working within specifications. Raise an alert if no. only state change events are stored in the data warehouse for future reporting.

n      Roll up monitors: aggregate rollup monitors, dependency roll up monitors.
n      Unit monitors: SNMP, WMI performance, log files, windows events, windows services, windows performance counters, scripting, WMI events

Aggregate rollup monitors

is a collection of several other monitors, state can be monitored on either a best – case or worst             case basis.

  • Best case – if any one of the child monitors is healthy, the overall aggregate monitor will show up healthy.
  • Worst case – if any one of the child monitors is not healthy, the overall aggregate monitor will not be healthy.
Dependency roll up monitor: very similar to roll up monitor but more flexible and granular
Example: Will raise an alert if 5 or 8 DNS servers are down.

Rules: a rule is capable of raising an alert to an operator, but the objects included in the rule cannot be monitored for health.

Tasks: like the name implies, an MP task is a method that performs some action based on rules that are defined. Among other actions a task can run a program or script or reset a failed service.

Views: customized look at items that might be unique to a particular management pack.

Knowledge: what caused a particular alert? How was it addressed?

Run as profile: discovering objects, running scripts and gathering information requires credentials that can access the appropriate resource. 
Windows credentials
SNMP community string
Basic authentication
Digest authentication
Binary authentication
Action account

Overrides: is a way by which an operator can customize a sealed management pack.

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