Monday, April 25, 2011

what are SMS 2003 Software prerequisists?

Windows 2003 enterprsie
IIS for (MP, RP, DP and SLR server locater point)
BITS required for MP and DP
SQL 2000
Clustering for DPs only

Preparing Active Directory for SMS 2003

First we need to ensure that the user we have logged in should have schema admin rights.
Go to AD and add a user who need to be schema admin
Insert the SMS 2003 CD in the drive and go to CMD

>cd smssetup\bin\i386 –then enter
>extadsc.exe –enter

The scheme will be modified.
To check if AD schema was extended properly, go to C drive and check for extadsc file.

Functions of SMS server 2003

To deploy packages
Deploy software
Find hardware and software on the network
Patch management and device management
OS deployment
Remote controlling users
hardware inventory, software inventory, software distribution, and remote client troubleshooting
file path reporting for software inventory,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Types of distribution groups in Exchange 2007?

Mail enabled distribution groups
Security distribution groups 
Dynamic distribution groups
Mail enabled non-universal groups

Before installing exchnage 2007?

Plan for :
Hardware and software check
DNS and DC
GC and functional level
External domain name
Storage location of transaction log files and database.

Setup /prepareAD /ON:microsoft
setup /prepschema
setup /prepdomain