Friday, June 10, 2011

Windows server 2003 Printer Tutorial

Printer---software device
Printer device—hardware device

Local printer: attached directly to a computer
Network printer: connected to a HUB or switch

The print drivers are installed on a print server and are shared.

Printer priority: 99 highest, ex: if we have 2 printers make the priority for one printer as 10 and the other one 5. So the higher priority will print first, same for the print schedule

Separator page: Create a separator page and which separates bundle of pages, ex: when you want to print 100 pages, but 50/50 should be separated, so once 50 pages are printed out, you will receive a separator page.

We can open the print server using a web browser, but, u need to have IIS installed. On the print server
 From the client machine, http: // izone/printer

When we configure a local printer we can select ports as LPT1 etc, but, when we need to configure a network printer then we need to add tcp/ip port

Group policy—computer settings—printer settings—pre-populate printers in AD
When every any user search for printer they are already pre-populated in AD

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