Thursday, March 3, 2011

To map network drives from command line

Share a folder on file server or any server and open notepad and type

Net use x: \\server1\sales
Net use y: \\server1\HR
And save this file as .bat

the sales and HR folder should be created upfront and then be shared.
So how can you apply this to users.You just need to go to GPMC create a GPO and edit the user settings -- windows settings--scripts and add the batch file create into this scripts. Point to remember : the .bat file should be saved in LOGON folder on SYSVOL folder.

when a user logs on to the computer he or she will receive the respective drives shared and they can save data. the main advantage is that they will never loss there data as the info is saved centrally on another server and they can access this from any client machine they log into.

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